- About Us -

Garth Bowles

Born on and raised in riverside California as a morman, went on a mission to england for two years. Went to collage at Brigham Young University and Woodberry Collage in Los Angeles California. Soon after went into the United States Airforce as a cook for troops heading out to Vieitnam. Then Worked as a decorator and sales manager at Mansfield Furnature in Sanbernadino California. In 1975, gave up all his worldly possesions and went on a 5 year bare foot spiritual Pilgramage walking accross America in search for a place where people can share a common space in harmony with the nature. Eventully after many  miricals Garth found the the amazing boulder gardens; and started Boulder Gradens; A Center For Spritual Renewal And Education. A nonprofit chairitable organization providing spiritual retreats teaching how to live with land without destroying its beauty. Now simi retired, Garth would like to spend the rest of his life helping others to conect with nature. 


                                                          About the Land


A private square mile of desert wilderness nestled in the foothills of Pioneertown California, 20 miles from Joshua Tree. The 640 acres is at 4,800 feet in elevation, Pipes Canyon facing, surrounded by conservancy-owned volcanic mesas, the Sawtooth Mountains, and the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve - part of the Mojave High Desert in California, USA.

The landscape is an important wildlife area recovering little by little from a fire in 2006, featuring petroglyphs, huge granite boulders, open-air caves, Joshua trees, cacti, yucca, lilies, desert turtles, birds, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, and many other species.

Boulder Gardens' underlying principles are spiritual renewal, sustainability, living consciously, co-creating and cooperating with humanity and all living creatures in nature.


Garth, the steward, resident, has created a place where people can come together to share their ideas, their brilliance, and their love in harmony with the natural world. Garth's tireless dedication has transformed the landscape by establishing fruit trees, grains, plants, flowers, and ponds that are enjoyed by frogs, fish, and birds. 


The boulder gardens are beautiful and tranquil. The people are warm and inviting. New and old friends are encouraged to share the land and to appreciate its natural beauty. 


Over the years, many saints, holy people, and lightworkers of all types have retreated to this sacred site, to meditate and reflect, dreaming forth new and inspired ways. 


Nature and people are continuously nurtured in this sacred oasis.  


When looking for a quiet place to rest and connect with nature, look no further.

Boulder Gardens