Boulder Gardens Sanctuary is a community of artists, volunteers, 

and friends who help Garth with the many choirs and projects need to keep Boulder Gardens sustainable. 

We are a 501c3 entity and a Limited Liability Company.

We ask from daily visitors a suggested donation of 5 dollars per car which goes to help pay for land taxes and portapotties. Please put your donation in the jar at the top or at the property gate upon leaving.

We also have accommodations and camping through

Our underlying principles are co-creating and cooperating with humanity and all living creatures in nature. Our actions and our compassions work in tandem to balance everyday chaos. Every day we reflect mentally and rejuvenate physically. Volunteers work hard behind the scenes to ensure that Boulder Gardens is safe for all that come.

Self-care and moderation while at Boulder Gardens means eating healthy and get hydrated before you arrive in this harsh desert environment. Take care of your body, know your limits, and keep an eye on your friend's health too. There are no medical facilities in the middle of the desert so be prepared. 

Boulder Gardens Guidelines
Absolutely No open flames
No fires (except in designated areas with permission)


No guns,

No loud music

No weapons

No candles
No incense
No hard alcohol

No drugs

No trash

No life-threatening or risky sports

While visiting please keep pets on a leash and thank you for picking up dog deposits. If you'd like to let your dog run off-leash please there are plenty of places for that, simply ask one of our resident stewards. 
Be aware that Boulder Gardens has several friendly pets that wander, including nature’s insects, animals, birds, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, bobcats, mountain lion, and many other species.
Please be extremely careful and mindful of your safety while hiking, climbing in, or on boulders. Walking through an ungroomed desert floor can be dangerous (at own risk). Please stay on trailways and pathways.
Please watch for snakes. (Summertime only) Most snakes are not aggressive, 
if you see one, take another path. Boulder Gardens is a no-kill community.
Be safety conscious and respectful to all the garden structures on the land.
Parents, please keep children close at all times to avoid any kind of emergency. Ponds and prickly plants can be dangerous for children. There are ponds with fish and other living creatures that have no barriers, so please watch after children.
Please drive only on main roads, avoid running over any cactus, bushes, trees, rocks, nature. Park all cars in designated parking areas. Be aware of the delicate nature of this magical desert environment.
 Pack it in, Pack it out! 

Please leave no trace of your visit except in loving gifts and or gestures of kindness
Please observe watering hole guidelines posted.

Water hole attire is skimpy swimwear or nothing at all.
Boulder Gardens runs open and transparently. Please during your stay here use non-violent communication. Be positive and compassionate; creating a
peaceful, and conscious community vibe.


Lastly, please know this land and its future is dependent upon your support. Your donations go
to a great cause and we thank you! A donation jar is located in the upper fire pit and kitchen
area and another donation box is located at the exit gate. Please give what you can. Your donation will
help us to share this beautiful space with others.

If you desire to support Boulder Gardens,
Please see and share

Garths Boulder Gardens / page.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Love! Boulder Gardens