Welcome into the beauty and wonder of Boulder Gardens.

People of all ages and spiritual practices gather here to share ideas and perspectives. They learn environmental respect from the land and its massive boulders and through small seminars, camp outs and other activities that teach us how to have a relationship with nature.


Boulder Gardens underlying principles are spiritual renewal, sustainability, living consciously with nature, interfaith cooperation and understanding, co-creating and cooperating with humanity and all living creatures in nature.

Please during your stay here use nonviolent communication, creating a happy, peaceful and productive experience.

Keep pets on a leash at all times. Be aware that there are has several friendly pets that wonder, including nature's animals.

Be extremely careful and mindful for your safety while hiking, climbing on the boulders/walking on the desert floor

Be safety conscious and respectful of all the gardens and structures on the land.

Parents, please keep your children close at all times to avoid an kind of emergency. The ponds and prickly pears can be dangerous for children.

And lastly please know that Boulder Garden's future is dependent upon the support of it visitors.

Thank You